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How to Send


Export all your tracks from the beggining to the end; it is very important to start at the beginning of the song until the end of each track, always starting at the same point. This is very important for synch all the tracks of your song in my project. If your song starts at bar 5, you export all tracks from bar 5 to the end of each track. SAME BEGINNING!!!
In wave format, 24 bit-44,1 khz or 24 bit-48 Khz, (88 Khz and 96 Khz are welcome although they are not usual) as you like.
Export all tracks without process (no compression, no eq, no reverb, etc...). I work with original material, with tracks as they have been recorded.
Export like a track all the soft synths or virtual instruments. Export mono tracks like voice, guitars, bass, etc, to mono tracks. Stereo tracks to stereo tracks.
Make an archive for the files, a zip file and send it via wetransfer to MY EMAIL. Include your current mix.
You can also send an artist song sample to show me the sound that you're looking for.


Send your mix in a lossless format such as wav or aiff, at 24-bit resolution, 44,1 kHz or higher.
​Remove any pre-mastering processing such as limiting, compression, and keeping the highest peak-level of each song at -6db or less.
Zip file and send via wetransfer to MY EMAIL.

When I will receive the email and the files, I will contact you telling the date when the mix-mastering will be ready.