Satisfied customers 100%

During these years I have worked with musicians from all around the world. Find here some samples from my happy customers.
If there is no example to suit your music style tell me. Anyway you can always send me a preview of a minute of your music and listen my mixing or mastering free. Enjoy...
Note: SoundCloud / youtube doesn’t provide real sound quality, they convert the original file to mp3 with different bitrate, please keep this in mind.


Black Envy (Industrial)

Medüla (Funk-Metal)

Adrián Rosito (Pop-Rock)

Deborah Webster (Pop-Rock)

B.Q. (Jazz)

El Perfecto Gris (Indie-pop)

Windigo (Rock, Grunge)

White Man (Americana)



Voz Armada (Hip-Hop)

Bashira (Hip-Hop, Soul, Pop, Rock)

The Brontës (Indie) Produced by Paco Loco

Nightshot (Hardcore)

Mabuse (Pop-Rock)

Radio Fantasma (Rock) ​Best Rock Album in Ecuador 2013 Winner

Santiago Trigueros (New Age)

Stalemate (Metalcore)

The Idem (Electronic)